Beech Hill Barn: What is your name & the name of your business?

Fire & Co: My name is Ryan Carey and I am the owner of Fire and Company.

Beech Hill Barn: Describe the range of services you offer.

Fire & Co: We offer onsite catering and bar service for parties large and small. We have catered to parties as small as 40 people and as large as 750 people to which we prepared hors d’oeuvres, salads, main courses and dessert. We’ve also mandated that all events have waitstaff on hand (that we can provide) so that your event is presented in the best way possible.

Beech Hill Barn: What is one thing you would say makes your business unique in the wedding industry?

Fire & Co: When it comes to catering, we have always focused on making sure our service and presentation was impactful. Whether it is our antique pizza trucks, our mobile bar truck or our custom wood fired grills & smokers we aim to stun our clients. We want to provide a show to the guests as they arrive, mingle and enjoy your special day.

We cook a majority of our food over fire and this is a large part of the experience with Fire and Company. The ambiance that the wood smoke and fires give to the event will set a tone for the day and set our services apart from others.

Beech Hill Barn: What do you love about barn weddings?

Fire & Co: From a visual perspective, our antique farm trucks go so well with these venues because they make for phenomenal back drops in photos. We also prepare, cook and serve everything on site. These venues allow the guests to venture outside of the typical hall and watch our cooking process. Throughout the day we find ourselves in conversations with the guests and family members about our cooking methods which hopefully translates to a more personal experience with us.

From a client perspective, barn weddings seem to draw a certain couple who know what they want in their day. From my experience, they want a wedding that can be a reflection of themselves. The weddings are fun, elegant and memorable. It is always nice to work with likeminded people.

Beech Hill Barn: How far in advance do couples book you for their wedding?

Fire & Co: We have found that most couples book our services a year in advance.

Beech Hill Barn: How can couples get in touch with you?

I strongly suggest couples to email us at Email is always preferable so that any details can be reviewed and kept track of.

Beech Hill Barn: Any additional information you would like to share with our readers?

We really embrace our local wedding community. Whether it is choosing an amazing planner (i.e. Lani Toscano Design or Daisies and Pearls) or a stunning photographer (i.e The Maine Tinker Studio or Kivalo Photography) we want your team of vendors to be prepared to put on a successful event. Our website lists some of the best professionals in the business and strongly suggest putting together a team of rockstar professionals!